Interior Decorations by Artists

You are invited to view my  interior decorations. It is all family friendly and office safe viewing. Enjoy.

This is a series of my watercolor paintings. When I first started with watercolors I used food coloring to see if I liked using the watercolor techniques.

This a photograph of my horse Diesel on the left and on the right is a photograph of a one of the trainer's blue eyed paint.

Here made the clay pottery with a digital app, Clay Pottery. The background disc is a digitally rendered image. I used ProMockup to frame the two art pieces.

Here is a abstract drip I applied to porcelain dishes for a dramatic look.
The impression of a Country scene was drawn with pastel chalk in 2017. I was my first try using pastel chalk to may an entire image and the result of one lesson. The room is complementary of Ohm Prints a mockup generator.

Here I applied the polar effect to a daisy photograph. It opens up the image and allows for a entirely new motif.  I love the way the petals overlay each other.

Thank you for coming by.
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